.:: Why Sell Your Note?

Instead of receiving smaller monthly payments, you may now benefit by having ALL CASH NOW for the balance of the funds that are tied-up in your Trust Deed, Mortgage or Real Estate Contract.

Numerous Note Holders are calling us to convert their note, mortgage or contract to cash for many different reasons:

  • To buy Real Estate or home improvements
  • To obtain cash without borrowing money
  • To invest in other higher-yield areas
  • To payoff loans, bills or credit cards
  • To eliminate the worry of the payors future situation:
  • ~ Inability to make payments
  • ~ Divorce or death
  • ~ Bankruptcy
  • ~ Failure to renew fire insurance
  • ~ IRS tax liens
  • ~ Selling the property and allowing a buyer with bad credit to assume your loan
  • To end the hassle of paperwork, accounting, and IRS reporting requirements